San Francisco Creativity Museum

This place was amazing! We spent the entire day working through the various levels and themed spaces and could have stayed for hours more.

The first thing we did was make our own stop-motion movie, right from building the characters to moving them around and giving them a voice. We started out with simple wire frames and piles, play dough and our own imaginations. We have a little movie but I haven’t been able to get WordPress to upload it yet.

ROBOTS!! There was an entire floor dedicated to programming robots. We had to guide it through a maze on one table, draw a picture with them on another and teach them to play music on yet a third. There were a few more options but we needed to move on before we got to them. This was Pip’s first time actually being hands on with robots and it was a little more challenging than he expected but we will just start adding in some real programming activities into his day so next time he’ll have a head start.

We had a fantastic time with the mystery box activity. It was packed with an assortment of bits and pieces, ods and sods and a simple instruction – “A new way to get to school quickly”.

We ended the visit in the foam building zone where Pip quickly abandoned us for some new friends. They were very unimpressed when the venue closed and they were still having a ball together. It was amazing to watch their creativity build and flow as they negotiated each persons vision.


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