A week in Denver

We had to visit Denver, Colorado to work with a client. Unfortunately this meant a week in a hotel for Pip and I, with no access to transport or knowledge of where to go even if we had it. Craig was off working during the day but we made the best of the situation and we’re able to make up for the hotel-lock-in on the weekend.

Despite the cold weather (someone forgot to tell Denver it was Spring as they had another snow fall just before we arrived, and there was still snow on the ground when we arrived)m we did manage some outside school activities.

A hit on one difficult afternoon when Pip and I were both going stir crazy came in the form of Shadows. We took a sketchbook out into the sunshine and traced shadows of a variety of different objects. Pip wasn’t too keen on the activity to start with, he was having one of ‘those days’, but he really got into it in the end.

28641468744_3186c1b988_k 28641468734_1b19f5c8b6

We had another awesome educational moment, provided by the Denver fire department who were called out to the hotel, where we waited in the cold, because someone thought it was a good idea to set off a fog machine in their bedroom! The firemen (as they were in this instance) were all to happy to show Pip around inside the fire truck, how their uniforms worked and even gave him a couple of stickers to make him an honorary firefighter.


The weekend up was a great deal more fun. We were taken on a wonderful trip up to the Red Rocks amphitheater, and wow, how stunning is that place. I would love to see a concert there, but just to visit the sight was fantastic.



We missed out on our trip to see the dinosaur tracks but still had the chance to hang out with a few dinosaur remains.



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