How do I become a robotics engineer?

Our son has wanted to be a robotics engineer since he was about three. Who knows if this is actually what he’ll end up being, after all, how many kids actually grow up to be astronauts, princesses or superheroes? But, we try to encourage his interests any way.

So when our travels took us to Denver for a week, we were really excited to discover that the “Robotics Revolution” exhibition was on at the Museum of Science and Nature, at the same time. This was a fantastic museum even without the Robotics exhibit and we could have spent a great deal more time here.

There were a huge range of hands-on exhibits which were extremely popular with all age groups. One of our favourites were the cubelets, which we’ve been dying to get our hands on for the last four years (after watching this video:  These little cubes introduce the concepts of robotics, design and programming and problem solving, in a simple, manipulative way that’s fun and just a little addictive, unfortunately there are not cheap.

Pip was pretty excited about beating a robot at naughts and crosses and the robot soccer match was fun. We did leave the exhibit with an overwhelming desire to acquire extra luggage allowance so we could fill a case with robots. We eventually settled on a Sphero which I’m still undecided about.


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