A Midsummer Nights Dream

After our tour of The Globe theatre a few days ago, Pip looks at me with tears in his eyes and says, with a quiver to in his voice, “I really wanted <sob> my first <sob> live theatre show to be <sob> a Shakespear <sob> in The Globe <sobb>”.

The thespian/English lit student in me came shooting out, combine that with a mother who loves her son, and, come hell or high water I was going to make that wish happen. And I did.

Tickets were secured for a matinee performance the day before we headed off to Wales.

The only tickets available were in box seats off to the side of the stage, they were the most expensive seats and had the worst view in the whole theatre.  We were told that in Shakespear’s time, these seas were for the wealthy and were more about “being seen” than actually “seeing” the play. Next time I’d rather be in with the peasants on the ground, especially with a show boasting so much audience interaction.

I was a little put off when we were told that The Globes new artistic director (Emma Rice) was eschewing traditional performances for a more modern twist. But wow! What she achieved with A Midsummer Nights Dream was fabulous!

 (Katy Owen totally owned her role as Puck)

I love! love! love!  That Helena was turned into Helenus, who was in love with Demeter, and that the mechanicals were mostly female.

It might have been a tad racy in parts for kids but it seems the only person who noticed and worried about that was me.

This performance was bright, hilarious, smart, progressive and thoroughly entertaining.



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