Craig is an entreHarry Potter 1preneur and software developer with a focus on web apps. He’s passionate about building community and connecting people together.

Harry Potter 2Tracey is a part-time writer/part-time worldschooling educator. She has spent almost 40 years of her life in the Southern Hemisphere, and, as she often likes to remind people, a decade of that has been on one of two tiny islands in the middle of the South Pacific, where there is only passable internet access, no IKEA and, (by orders of magnitude) more sheep than people. World travel for her is about food, wine, modern architecture¬†older than 200 years and experiencing cultures and languages she’s only read about in books. She wants to use this experience to enhance her writing and inspire her muse.

Harry Potter 1

Pip is in the early years of his education. Since the age of two he’s planned on being a robotics engineer. He loves science museums and creativity museums (the more hands on the better), zoos, computers, technology, having stories read to him and cuddles, lots, and lots, of cuddles.