Poffertje experiments

When in Holand one must partake of all the local delicacies, and even try your hand at making some of them, after all, that’s the fun of kitchen science.


Micropia and giant tardigrades!

A Midsummer Nights Dream

After our tour of The Globe theatre a few days ago, Pip looks at me with tears in his eyes and says, with a quiver to in his voice, “I really wanted <sob> my first <sob> live theatre show to be <sob> a Shakespear <sob> in The Globe <sobb>”. The thespian/English lit student in me came…

How do I become a robotics engineer?

Our son has wanted to be a robotics engineer since he was about three. Who knows if this is actually what he’ll end up being, after all, how many kids actually grow up to be astronauts, princesses or superheroes? But, we try to encourage his interests any way. So when our travels took us to…